Identifying Markets for Recyclable Dry Solid Waste in Maharashtra




National Solid Waste Association of India


Waste Management
Research Study



The study attempts to address the issues and challenges faced by the ULBs in recycling their dry waste by identifying the potential markets for the segregated and recyclable dry waste and suggesting a sustainable revenue generating model for the ULBs. It also gives a strong database on the quantity and type of waste each of these industries can accepts viz-a-viz location of ULBs within the radius of 10 km, 20 km and 30 km of the industry to which these ULBs can provide the dry waste.

The study uses GIS as a tool to spatially map the recycling industries of various types of dry waste and the ULBs all over Maharashtra. GIS is further used to understand the accessibility of potential waste takers around each of the ULBs by using proximity analysis tool.

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