Develop Regulations in Urban Planning, Municipal Service Provision and Real Estate Management Domains, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia


Diriyah, Saudi Arabia


ParadigmX Advisors DMCC


Urban Management



ParadigmX Advisors DMCC has won a competitive contract to provide professional consulting services to the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) for the project titled “ UMA Integrated Guideline Development”.

DGDA has broadly identified three key phases of the project:

  • Phase 1: Current State Assessment and Benchmarking
  • Phase 2: Analysis of Regulatory Gaps and Potential Impacts of Such Gaps, and
  • Phase 3: Drafting of Regulatory Frameworks, Regulations, and Compilation of Final Report.

ICPL is expected to conduct a range of project activities to support the Company’s delivery of outputs related to the stated contract. While specific tasks and outputs will be agreed upon in consultation with Project Sponsor “DGDA/ Urban Planning & Municipal Affairs”, project activities may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Interview DGDA leadership and key stakeholders; collect and analyze relevant data from DGDA and partner organizations to inform the development of regulations;
  • Facilitate discussions with international experts and benchmark organizations and develop high-quality reports on regulatory gaps;
  • Develop policy drafts, reports and presentations for DGDA and its stakeholders; and
  • Draft models, frameworks and templates and prepare research-based reports as needed.